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Guardrail End Treatments

The blunt end of W-Beam guardrails feature protective rail end treatments designed to absorb impact or deflect oncoming traffic. Our high quality guardrail end treatments are constructed using high-strength 10 gauge (Class B) steel, and are coated in rust-resistant zinc for maximum service life.

Question Mark and Flared End rail end treatments are commonly used throughout parking lots and low speed traffic areas.

Flared EndFlared Guardrail End Treatment

Flared guardrail end treatments, also known as flared wings, provide rigid, straight protection for energy deflection during impact. Flared end treatments are easy to install, and can be modified for custom installations.

Question Mark Guardrail End Treatment

Commonly referred to as rounded terminal connectors or half-round buffers, Question mark guardrail end treatments are ideal for areas with high pedestrian traffic. Question mark terminal end treatments feature a curved surface to help prevent injury and torn clothing.

90 Degree Corner (Fabricated)

90 Degree CornerNinety degree corner end treatments are ideal for sharp corners or surrounding square parking lot objects. Ninety degree corner end treatments provide a clean, highly aesthetic appearance that allows for increased design configurations.

Highway Crash End Treatments

In addition to our in-house fabricated guardrail treatments, we also offer a wide selection of highway crash end treatments and crash cushions designed to absorb or deflect direct impact with oncoming traffic.

The following end anchor treatments have been crash tested and approved to NCHRP-350 test level 3.

Highway Crash End Treatments

  • ET2000
  • ET-Plus
  • SRT-350
  • SKT-350 Type I, II, and III
  • Regent-C

Crash Cushions

TRACC Family of Crash Attenuation Cushions

TRACC crash cushions are a non-gating, re-directive, bi-directional energy absorbing crash cushions designed to absorb direct collisions. TRACC crash cushions meet the requirements of NCHRP 350 Test Level 3, and are suitable for all posted speed limits.

Heart Crash Cushions

HEART™ crash cushions are non-gating, re-directive crash cushions that feature High Molecular Weight/High Density Polyethylene (HMW/HDPE) side panels and a rounded frontal nose piece for maximum energy absorption and deflection during impact. HEART crash cushions meet the requirements of CHRP Report 350 Test Level 3.

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