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Galvanized Guardrails

Galvanized GuardrailsSouthern Guardrail offers a sophisticated, standardized approach to guardrail fabrication. Our computerized steel railing manufacturing process ensures all holes, slots, and dimensions are 100% accurate for maximum compatibility with a wide variety of guardrail systems. As a custom galvanized guardrail manufacturer, we can modify our safety barriers to meet virtually any height or width requirement. 


Our roll-formed galvanized guardrails feature the latest advancements in highway safety barrier technology to ensure maximum strength and long-term durability of our products. Our galvanized guardrails are coated with a uniform layer of zinc coating to prevent discoloration and weak spots caused by rust and corrosion.

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Radius Guardrails are also available

Guardrail End Treatments

Guardrail Flared End Our flared and question mark end guardrail end treatments provide increased protection for areas with high pedestrian traffic. Rail end treatments are fabricated in-house, and can easily be installed on W-beam galvanized guardrail systems.

In addition to our in-house fabricated flared and question mark ends, we also offer a wide selection of rail end treatments designed to absorb or deflect direct impact with oncoming traffic.

  • Terminal Connector Shoes
  • Median Terminal Buffers
  • SGT ET2000/SKT Type I, II, III
  • Terminal Anchor Section (TAS)
  • 90 Degree Corners

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