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Warehouse Safety Railings and Column Wraps 

According to OSHA, the fatal injury rate for warehouse workers is higher than the national average for all over occupations. The primary contributors to warehouse injuries are improper forklift use and lack of warning indicators when entering a hazardous area. 

While there is no solution to completely eliminating warehouse accidents, proper safety provisions can prevent many mishaps by providing improved visibility of dangerous areas.

Safety Railing

Over 95,000 people are injured every year due to forklift accidents caused by unsafe operating procedures. SGR safety railing mitigates the risk of forklift accidents, is easy to install, and can save thousands in injury prevention costs.

Proper placement of safety railing serves double duty; it provides protection from in-plant vehicles are alerts personnel of electrical areas, uneven walkways, wall openings, and other hazardous areas.

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Column Wraps

Column protection, also known as column wraps, provide flexible, stress/crack resistant protection from lift-truck impact. Available in Safety yellow, the Column Sentry column protector offers a highly visible solution to prevent paint chipping, denting, and cracking caused by collision damage.

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