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Wooden Guard Rails

Wooden guardrails provide an aesthetically pleasing safety barrier solution for low speed roadways. Wooden guardrails are commonly installed in subdivisions, driveways, parking lots, and national parks as an attractive and economical alternative to steel guardrails.


Manufactured by S.I. Storey Lumber Company, Inc.

TimBarriers Wooden Guard RailsSouthern Guardrail recommends TimBarrierstm aesthetic timber barriers due to their ease of installation and standardized construction. TimBarrierstm wooden guardrails consist of a three barrier system, and features standardized hardware suitable for use in any private, local, state, and federal projects.

The complete TimBarriertm wooden railing system, including all hardware and fasteners, is pre-fabricated for immediate installation. Pre-fabrication allows engineers to create a uniform layout that maintains a consistent structural integrity. TimBarriertm components are fully interchangeable for quick replacement and repair, allowing designers to avoid the frustration and expense of custom fabricated systems.

Unlike traditional steel-backed timber barriers, TimBarrierstm are constructed from conventional timber and use very few visible steel parts. The result is a visually pleasing timber barrier that blends in well with aesthetically sensitive areas. Each timber barrier fastener is recessed deep within the back of each post, eliminating protruding hardware that could potentially injure pedestrians or wildlife.

Proven Highway-Ready Construction Materials

TimBarrier Wooden Guard RailsTimBarrierstm construction materials have been tested for reliability in low speed impact situations. TimBarrierstm are fabricated from #1 S4S Southern Pine, and are preservative treated in accordance with American Wood Preserver’s Association (AWPA) standards for C14 Wood for Use in Highway Construction.

All TimBarriertm wooden rail fasteners and splice plates feature high-strength Corten “weathering steel” for added aesthetic value. Weathering steel is commonly used throughout highway construction due to its ability to produce its own protective coating as it weathers.

  • Preservative-treated 8"x8" posts and 4"x12" rails prefabricated from #1 S4S Southern Pine
  • Exceptionally strong Corten "weathering steel" used for all fasteners and splice plates
  • Fasteners recessed into back of each post

Street Guardtm

StreeGuard RailsThe StreetGuardtm timber barriers are designed enhance the aesthetics of low-speed (25mph) roadways. Like TimBarriertm, StreetGuardtm is constructed from #1 S4S Southern Pine in place of galvanized steel, and uses a minimum amount of steel mounting hardware.

StreetGuardtm can be found along park roadways, private developments, sub-divisions, and national parks.


LotGuard railsThe economical LotGuardtm wooden guardrail system features lowered posts and rails for bumper height protection along parking lots, driveways, golf courses, and parking areas. LotGuardtm uses shorter timber components, allowing designers to create tight radial turns.

Contact a Southern Guardrail to learn more about how our wooden railing systems can improve the appearance of your highway, golf course, driveway, or parking lot project. In addition, we carry a large inventory of wooden posts and blocks that perfectly complement any wooden guardrail system.