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Wooden Guardrails & Posts

Wood GuardrailsWooden guard rails and posts offer an attractive alternative to galvanized steel when protecting rustic and aesthetically sensitive areas. Southern Guardrail carries a wide inventory of wooden guardrails and posts, including the TimBarriertm timber barrier system.

Our inventory of wooden guardrails and posts are specifically designed for highway construction, and are built from #1S45 Southern Pine that has been preservative treated in accordance with American Wood Preservers Association (AWPA) Standard C14.

Wooden Guardrails

From highways to driveways, Southern Guardrail supplies wooden guardrails that can meet your design needs. We currently offer three configurations of wooden guardrails: TimBarriertm for larger projects, StreetGuardtm for low speed roadways, and LotGuardtm for driveways and parking lots.

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Wooden Posts & Spacer Blocks

Our wooden posts and spacer blocks meet or exceed the strength characteristics of steel. Our inventory includes straight and curved posts, anchors, and terminal assemblies, along with all necessary mounting hardware.

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